Monday, February 7, 2011

The road to self improvement...

So yesterday my friend Sopher and I made a pact to exercise 30 minutes a day and then update each other.

My grand plan was to hit the gym tonight and get my exercise in without fail, but a last minute call from my Dad let me know he was coming into town tonight to visit... so there goes gym plans.

So what to do? Well in the middle of the day I have this large 1 hour lunch break at school and pretty much fuck-all to do with the time other than sit with some folks and shoot the shit.

So today I decided to go for a 30 minute walk... which given the slow assed snow removal was a rather exhausting thing.

Still the ball she rolls.

Step one taken... step two tomorrow.

Your move Sopher!



  1. Hahahahah and here i am still trying to wake up!

  2. Ha! I've been up since 6! FML!

  3. walking is excellent exercise. You don't have to go to the gym, just be active. (I sound like a fucking PSA...;D) Say hi to uncle for me. xx